Adding a backyard pool? 5 ways to make it pop with a great view

Adding a custom swimming pool to your backyard can make it look great and be much more fun, and adding a custom pool with a gorgeous view takes both aspects over the top. So, how can you add a fantastic view to your swimming pool, even if your yard currently doesn’t boast a vista? Here are 5 tricks for any yard.


If you have a fantastic view already, you can emphasize it by installing what’s known as an infinity edge pool. Among the most luxurious types of swimming pools, infinity pools use a sluice system to create the illusion that the water has no border keeping it in the pool. In actuality, they’ve been carefully engineered to allow water to flow over a sloping outer edge and into a lower catch basin where it’s invisibly recirculated back into the pool. Infinity pools look utterly fantastic when that disappearing edge is paired with a fantastic view from a high property. They transform the pool into a work of art and combine well with both modern home design and more natural looks.


Encourage swimmers and guests to enjoy your backyard view with proper placement of a complementary spa. Unlike pools, spas are designed for sitting and relaxing rather than constant movement. So, assess the best angle for your particular view (or views) and install a spa so that guests face it. Make the spa–and its accompanying view–a key focal point in your pool design.


Pool fencing may be a necessity if you have kids (or if local zoning requirements demand it), but it doesn’t have to ruin your view. The easiest way to ensure this is to use high quality “frameless” glass fence material that’s nearly transparent. This minimalist style forgoes cross bars and most columns but still provides the height and other safety features that you need.


What if you love the view of your home more than the one facing outward? Have no fear…you can use a pool to direct attention inward as well. How? Simply make the swimming area like an extension of the home. Design a seamless transition between the entertainment spaces of the house (such as living room, dining room or family room) and the style and materials of the outdoor entertainment area around the pool. Modern architectural features can help integrate the two areas. Sliding glass walls and oversize or “garage door style” doors can often disappear almost completely to invite people to move freely around the space. Alternatively, you could add a covered courtyard that leads from the interior to the outdoors or use an outdoor kitchen to get guests outside. Then, angle the lounge spaces around the pool so that you face the home when enjoying a beach entrance, tables or a fire pit.


If you don’t have an awesome view to take advantage of, you can design a pool with its own beautiful vista to look at. A faux grotto can be as tall or all-encompassing as you need in order to create the best view while swimming or lounging. Make it a true haven by planting tall trees behind the grotto and adding a bubbly waterfall or two. The advantage of customizing your own rock grotto is that you can control your view and personalize it to your taste and style…something you can’t always do in nature. You may soon forget the outside world at all! No matter what size or style yard you have, you can either embrace a great view or create your own perfect vista by applying any one of these design tricks.