11 Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy

11 Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy Sunshine and warm temperatures invite you and your family to spend entire days outdoors, so it’s important that you be able to enjoy endless hours in your backyard without worrying about too much exposure to the sun—or curious passersby….

Adding a backyard pool? 5 ways to make it pop with a great view

Adding a custom swimming pool to your backyard can make it look great and be much more fun, and adding a custom pool with a gorgeous view takes both aspects over the top. So, how can you add a fantastic view to your swimming pool,…

Drain your pool water to the proper levels

I recommend the water be brought below the jets but not below the top of light. If you can shut off your skimmer line and activate just the main drain line, you can quickly drain the pool using the waste on the filter system. As…

The importance of your pool filter

For clients of Max Q Services there is still one month to take advantage of our Spring Special Filter maintenance and equipment check. This annual preventative maintenance on your pool’s equipment is designed to get your pool and its equipment ready for the swim season…